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St. Louis Water Garden Society

March 20: Revitalize Your Garden!

Terry Miline, a horticulturist, Master Gardener, and former instructor of Landscape Design will be our speaker March 20th on the topic “Revitalize Your Garden”. Her appreciation for all things botanical started as a child who enjoyed learning about the plants in her grandmothers’ small gardens in South St. Louis. Now a grandmother of seven herself, teaching her grandchildren about nature is especially important to her.

Please note that this meeting will be held in the Missouri Botanical Garden CBEC Building, Room 125. We hope you’ll be able to join us!

Attention all Pond-O-Rama Volunteers!

The first POR meeting will be held March 20th at 6pm in the CBEC building at the Missouri Botanical Garden. That’s an hour before the regular March meeting.
POR Chairman Joan Ziskind is looking for:

Ticket runners: Take ticket booklets, posters, and instructions to our ticket sellers

Photographers: Take photos of the ponds they visit, dividing up the locations so that all will be covered

Writers: People who can share their stories about how they got their ponds or tell about their experiences for local papers, to arouse interest in the wonderful Pond-O-Rama tour coming up in June.

Every bit you can help means a great deal! Hope to see you Tuesday!

Pond-O-Rama Needs YOU!

Check out the Pond-O-Rama page and let’s get started on our 18th annual POR tour! Chairman Joan Ziskind needs hosts and volunteers in order to continue our SLWGS tradition of providing one of the best garden tours of the season.

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