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St. Louis Water Garden Society

about the society

The St. Louis Water Garden Society (SLWGS) was established in 1990 as a way for local water gardeners and fish enthusiasts to share information. As a result, we attract members at all stages of water gardening expertise. 

Our membership includes novices and old hands, water gardeners and koi lovers, do-it-yourselfers, professional installers, aquatic plant growers and retail operators who handle all kinds of goods to build and maintain your water garden.

our work

Our Society is well known for its civic project, the water lily ponds at the Jewel Box in Forest Park. We design, plant, and maintain them each year. It is our gift to the people of St. Louis.

Koi Pond at The Jewel Box in Forest Park, St. Louis MO

This project is a hands-on experience! Our members love the opportunity to learn how to manage lilies in their own water gardens.

The lily ponds are just one of our annual traditions. In order to fund that project, we also host an annual Pond Tour that includes the most beautiful private and commercial water gardens and ponds in the St. Louis area.

We meet and email regularly to discuss our hobby. Often, we invite guest speakers to share their expertise with us. These monthly meetings are open to the public and an excellent way to learn more about us.

find us

You can read about us on our website, our social channels (Facebook & Instagram), and in our monthly newsletter, Water Word.

We do our best to update each platform with information on meetings, events, member offers, and links to information we think our members will find interesting. Please sign up for our newsletter at the top of this page to keep up-to-date on everything SLWGS-related.


Preview of the 2022 Pond-O-RamaThe St. Louis Water Garden Society includes people at all stages of the hobby – from those who want a water garden someday to those who install them for a living. As a result, we love to get together to compare notes, admire the beautiful results of our efforts, and share laughs.

Sometimes, these gatherings are public, like Pond-O-Rama in June. Other times, we enjoy members-only socials at one of our gardens. We schedule field trips to see attractions and adventures all over the St. Louis area and beyond. For example, we’ve gone as far as Powell Gardens near Kansas City and Ozark Fisheries in Stoutland, MO.

affiliate memberships

The Society is an affiliate member of other organizations such as the Associated Koi Clubs of America (AKCA) and The International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society (IWGS). We’re proud to pass along discounts, programming, and recognition through these associations. In fact, several of our members have received awards from AKCA for their hard work and success raising koi.

If you are an organization who would like to partner with the SLWGS for mutual benefit, please contact us. We’re always looking to add affiliations that benefit our members.