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Interested SLWGS members enjoyed a spring bird-watching walk in the woods at Powder Valley with Bryan Prather of Wild Birds Unlimited. Dogwoods were blooming, May apples had popped up and Dutchman’s britches and Virginia bluebells were in abundance. Besides the more common birds, we saw a Sapsucker, a Phoebe and best of all, a Yellow-rumped Warbler.

Dogwoods are popping out too!

Check out that Yellow-bellied Sapsucker!

Some glasses, Carolyn!

Jeanne, Bryan and Joan

Roger, Carolyn, Karla and Bryan watched the activity at the feeders from inside

Sue and Rich, Carolyn and Keith, Rick and Pam

Delightful Virginia Bluebells spread out in the low damp areas

We took the long Hickory Ridge Trail – 1.2 miles