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The 2022 Jewel Pond Closing was like the many before it – a labor of love. It was a beautiful Autumn Day and many hands made the day pass more quickly.

St. Louis Water Garden Society members and guests closed the Jewel Box Lily Ponds for the season. Volunteers dig up and relocate the lilies. The Hardy lilies were moved to the mud bottom ponds and the Tropicals were taken to nearby greenhouses. You can see from the pictures that this is messy but satisfying work. 

For more detail on the process of closing the Jewel Box lily ponds, read Winterizing the Lily Ponds.

Volunteers arrived early in the morning and ready to work. There is heavy lifting involved with plants this size. They may have arrived tiny, but St. Louis Summers encourage rapid growth. Thank you to everyone who donated their strength along with their time!

Volunteers at the 2022 Jewel Pond Closing kept their sense of humor despite the big task. Just look at how MANY plants there are in these ponds! Only a few will remain until the cold weather kills them off. Do you know which ones? You can learn more here.

We hope you’ll join us in the Spring for the opening of this beautiful St. Louis attraction.

Until next year…