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What's new at the Jewel Box Lily Ponds?

The Jewel Box is a St. Louis treasure that residents and guests have enjoyed for decades. The spectacular water gardens certainly contribute to that draw. The St. Louis Water Garden Society is proud to be the caretakers of the lily ponds.

In 2022, the SLWGS installed small plaques near the waterlily ponds to help visitors learn more about what they see happening in the ponds. You can read the most recent posts by clicking the content below.

Learn More about the Lily Ponds Each Week

2022 PLANT MAPS for the LILY PONDs

Do you know the names of the plants you see in the water lily ponds? The SLWGS carefully plans the pond planting each year. Click the map to see this year’s design and to learn the names of the beautiful flora.

drone photo of the central waterlily pond, Jewel Box, St. Louis, 2022
2022 Jewel Box Plants2022 Jewel Box Ponds Map

CLICK HERE for a full-screen map.

Explore the Lily Ponds with our map to learn the name of each plant. Do you have a favorite?