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A good number of members, ‘almost’ members, family and friends came to move the hardy plants from the Jewel Box ponds to the mud-bottom lotus pond, and the tropicals to the greenhouse for the winter. With all the good help, it didn’t take much more than an hour to complete. Great team, Paul!

Paul has a great work crew today

Note our ramp and strap system for the heavy plants

Heave ho Slide em up the ramp gals

Then we load them and cart them to the trucks

Where Wayne greets Denise and Kermit while he waits for the next load

Whats that again Rick Gails laughing

Next come the cement blocks

Almost members Sophie and Ken pitched right in

Mary hauls a load to the truck area

Steve gets to put some gunk back in the planter

Thought John had a third leg there for a moment

Others clean up the tropicals that will stay

Off to the mud pond Paul and Alice guard the plants

Kay works while I get Jims picture

and hand them down the line to Rick

and John and Kermit to place at the bottom

Then its off to the greenhouse

to back up the truck of tropicals

and unload them

We cart them down to our assigned room

Will that make it through the door

so we can lift them onto the tables

They unload the hardies

Then just add water and that parts complete

Back at the JB they all help to put the blocks on the truck for winter storage

And were finished Linda knows its a job welldone