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Meet the Plants

Would you like to meet the plants in the Jewel Box Lily Ponds?

[THIS MAP will help you find the Jewel Box and the Lily Ponds inside Forest Park.]

The St. Louis Water Garden Society carefully plans, plants, and cares for these ponds each year as our civic project and gift to the people and guests of St. Louis. We plant a diverse mix of water lilies – hardy and tropical – as well as non-waterlily plants.

Below, you will find the map of this year’s plantings along with the names and types of water plants growing in each of the ponds.

The Lily Pond Map and Key

Currently showing the 2022 Map – The new planting layout for 2023 is still in development. Come back in April for the big reveal!

Meet the NON-Lily Plants

Although the ponds at the Jewel Box are called the “Lily Ponds,” the society includes non-waterlily plants for biodiversity and aesthetics. You’ll see Thalia, Papyrus (Cyperus papyrus), and Canna this year.

Meet the Waterlilies

Ready to meet the waterlily plants? We have three types of waterlilies in the Jewel Box ponds this year: Hardy, Tropical Day Bloomers, and Tropical Night Bloomers. Each has many species and varieties.

Which is your favorite?