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Preview of the 2022 Pond-O-Rama

– Owner: Dave Schiele
– Location: Crestwood, Missouri
– Installed: About 2002
– Designed by: The homeowners
– Constructed by The Pond Guys
– Size: 11′ x 16′ pond
– Equipment: Aquascape system
– Special features: Many plants, a water fall, koi and goldfish

The idea of a pond was born when Peggy wanted to do something with the back yard because “There’s nothing there!” They went to the Home Show for two years and talked to several people, but no one got back to them. A few years later, they ran across The Pond Guys who did call back, gave them an estimate, and received the go-ahead to build it.

They shared their pond on the 2004, 2005 and 2006 Pond-O-Rama pond tours, and visitors appreciated the lovely, cool spot and often lingered, enjoying sitting in the air swings. Peggy’s gone now, but Dave will have it on this year’s tour!

Two years ago, a leak developed. He added water so the pond wouldn’t pump dry and a little later, headed off to work, forgetting all about it. When he got home, it was overflowing, and all his fish had died. He lost 11 large koi and about 20 goldfish. On our field trip to the Ozark Fisheries last year, he bought about half a dozen koi, and they’ve doubled in size. (He feeds them two or three times a day in warm weather.)

Preview of the 2022 Pond-O-Rama

Has he seen much wildlife? Earlier this year, he had eight frogs. About three years ago, he spotted a White Egret on the skimmer, and two years ago, saw a statue in the pond that he didn’t remember having. He went out to check and it was a Great Blue Heron, about five or six feet tall standing in the water on a shallow shelf. When it took off, it looked like an airplane – a huge wing span! He’s also had a pair of mallards show up each year that he chases off, not sure if they’ll eat his fish and not wanting the mess. Three came back last year, and after he chased them off, he discovered an egg sitting on the skimmer box. (He must have scared it out of her!)

He enjoys sitting out every evening listening to the sound of the water and watching the fish. It’s very relaxing and comfortable, even on the hottest days in the summer.