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A Night In The Tropics

Beautiful lilies, good friends, rhythmic music, tasty food and unusual plants – what more could one ask. Perfect weather? We had that too! The lily ponds have never looked better! Inside the Jewel Box, Brenda greeted everyone, supplying name tags written in tropical colored inks. Facing her were Alice’s photo displays of the Saturday morning Jewel Box volunteers at work, and the many colorful lilies in the ponds. The 2008 Pond-O-Rama slide show was running. Rhythmic tropical music floated through the building. Tables had colorful covers and napkins, and flowers were everywhere. We visited, enjoyed a luscious meal, learned about unusual tropical plants and gave awards to six deserving people. There were even lots of door prizes! Pam, you really know how to throw a terrific party!

Howard Nies and Rick Jokerst

Ruth Mosley and Alice Gibson

Tables are starting to fill up

They’re looking their best! A beautiful white lily

Our new sound equipment, researched, bought and manned by Ray Mueller

Chris Kelley

Rick and Pam Jokerst

Pam’s upcoming events slgn

Friend Pam Creech and Barb Barton

Water Lily Image header for Water Word SLWGS

Deep pink Water Lily SLWGS Water Word

Mary Nies and John Cullom

Linda Barr and her outstanding Jewel Box worker certificate

Joe and Tonya Summers

Charles Edward Joseph Summers

Jim and Mary Pat Glauber

Jessie Slaughter and Ruth Mosley

The name tag table – Brenda and Jim Thale

The lineup (Elaine and Bob Temper, Pat Tosie…)

Dave Stahre received the outstanding Pond-O-Rama volunteer certificate

Don Ganim and Pam Jokerst

The food line

Steve Hoganmiller and Carly (Tipsword?)

Bob and Linda Barr have some dessert

Tim Delaney of Steely Pan provided lively music

Award time! Wayne received the Bonnie Alford award

Gilbert shows his AKCA Koi Person of the Year award

Bob won a door prize