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The St. Louis Water Garden Society (SLWGS) was formed by local water gardeners and fish enthusiasts to share information about water gardening as a hobby. 

Since 1990, SLWGS has hosted educational events for this purpose. 

Join us to learn, grow, play, and volunteer together.

Civic Contribution

The St. Louis Water Garden Society plants and maintains the Lily Ponds at the Jewel Box in Forest Park. This beautiful, living attraction is our gift to St. Louis residents and visitors. In the Spring, our members and friends meet for a day of hands-on water gardening to fill the Lily Ponds with plants from their winter storage. It is a long day of hard work, but the reward is priceless.

Common Interests

Water gardening is a wonderful hobby. The challenge of building and maintaining an ecosystem of plants, fish, and water attracts people of all levels of expertise. You don't need to be an expert to appreciate the beauty and tranquility of a water feature. Sharing knowledge is the foundation of our society and is still core to our purpose today. Through our activities, we help each other get the most enjoyment from our shared hobby.

Email with your request. Member booklets may be picked up at no charge at the MAY MEMBER MEETING or mailed for $3 shipping to: POND-O-RAMA 2023 Member Ticket c/o Virginia Mueller, #16 Talismanway, Florissant MO 63034.

Membership at Play

Ready to Become a Member ?

You may mail payment by printing the MEMBERSHIP FORM and following instructions.

Membership Benefits



Monthly meetings with guest speakers


One ticket to Pond-O-Rama

Community Contribution

Membership dues, pond tour tickets, and volunteer time benefit the Jewel Box waterlily ponds directly


The SLWGS Newsletter, Water Word


Member-only Offers and Events

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