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Fighting Muny graduation traffic for access to Forest Park, as well as parking spots around the Jewel Box, our hard-working volunteers arrived once again armed with shovels, dollies, axes, pots, dirt and fertilizer tabs to retrieve our hardy plants from the mud-bottom lotus pond. Water lilies have escaped from the pots over the years, making it difficult to locate the pots dropped last fall, but Steve M and Rick persisted until they were found. Meanwhile, back in the Jewel Box ponds, others were removing the dead plants from the pools. The retrieved plants were trucked back to the work area, tarps were carefully laid to contain the bulk of the soon-to-be-created muddy mess, and the next phase began. Lilies were identified, divided as needed, repotted, fertilized and the heavy pots trucked to their summer homes. Gilbert brought our youngest helpers, Lenny and Angela. Howard appeared with his beautifully designed and newly printed posters celebrating our 10th Pond-O-Rama anniversary. Thanks to everyone for all their help and support!!

Alice displays Howards newlyarrived poster

Alice identifies lilies and what goes where

Angela enjoyed her rides today

Chuck tackles the old thalia

Cleanup time Linda pitched right in

Dave Gail and Wayne get another into the water

Gilbert and Rick divide a lily

Hardy lilies lotus and thalia are ready

Jeanne made sure all were fertilized

Linda and Dave deliver newly planted lilies to their summer home

Linda and Roger prepare for a dumpster run

Our youngest helpers Lenny and Angela

Rick and Steve M had a hard time finding pots in the mudbottom pond

Steve H and Kay work the land part as Alice takes photos

Steve H and Wayne load the truck

Steve M lifts one to the bank