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On May 30, all three Jewel Box lily pools were swarming with willing workers planting tropicals. Everyone was busy. Some cleaned up the pools as others retrieved tropical plants overwintered at the Forest Park greenhouses. Some sorted and some planted the newly arrived bare-rooted tropical water lilies according to Paul’s master plan while others divided overgrown plants or filled pots with fresh dirt. Still others dollied the heavy pots to their proper pools so those in the water could drag them to their summer homes. And just a few hours later, weary but happy, volunteers could pat themselves on the back for a job well-done! Those who could stay celebrated at Imo’s.

lily map

Chuck divides a tropical Thalia

John and Dave unload the blocks

Kay decides where to plant these

Linda plants a Green Smoke

Mike and Linda consult

Rick fills pots with fresh dirt

Steve and Britt sort the tropical lilies

The Imos group waits for pizza

Wayne tackles a lotus