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As originally reported by Pam Jokerst in the October 2015 Water Word:

Those on the Tiki Tour this year could not have asked for a more perfect evening. The weather was just right and the ponds and gardens of all the hosts looked amazing by the fire of the torches, flickering candlelight, glowing lanterns, twinkling lights and of course, the mesmerizing moon!

We had a group of at least 75 members and their friends from near and far travel the roadways of St. Louis county to visit these beautiful water features, meet their owners and mingle with friends old and new.

Chalk up another lovely evening for this looked-forward-to tour each year. Many thanks to the hosts for providing a fabulously-lit look at their backyard paradises.

Stop1: Cindy, Katie & Joe’s (Williams-Swain)
Cindy, Katie & Joe’s (Williams-Swain), site of a scrumptious and eye-appealing appetizer buffet along with some killer white sangria.

Stop2: Rick & Pam Jokerst’s.
Rick & Pam Jokerst’s where we were greeted by a lush, tropical oasis ablaze with tiki torches and a midnight-blue hued swimming pool.

Stop3: Jon & Sallie Serke’s.
Their pathways and romantic hillside pond and waterfall were aglow with candles and lanterns.

Stop4: Amit & Lauri Bhagot’s Swimming Pond.
If we would have been able to jump in, we would have felt like we were in a forest far away enjoying the cool waters of a natural spring.

Stop5: Bill & Rebecca Harrison’s.
You felt the call of the seaside while watching the revolving illumination of the lighthouse in the corner of the yard.

Stop6:  Larry & Sheree Skorepa’s.
The evening ended on a luscious sweet note with desserts and coffee. We saw Larry’s excellent wood-working and craft skills around the gurgling pond and tasted Sheree’s baking expertise on the quaint three-season porch. Conversation was lively inside and on the benches outside.