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Paraphrasing Pam’s description in the October Water Word:

The 14th Annual SLWGS Tiki Tour on September 29 was again blessed by beautiful weather. This time our tour included five ponds, from Millstadt, Illinois to Manchester, Missouri, and with each we were impressed by the uniqueness of the homeowner’s water feature. The ponds and gardens blended seamlessly into their landscapes, as if they had always been there. The outdoor lighting, candles, fire pits and tiki torches at each stop drew us into the space and carried us through the design. With the clear skies, moonlight enhanced reflections in crystal-clear water. Plus, these folks know how to entertain, with many seating areas where we could enjoy gazing at the koi and goldfish gracefully swimming under the stars.

1st Stop: Les & Phyllis Voudrie, in Millstadt, IL

2nd Stop: Bernice Bush in Columbia IL.

3rd Stop: Joe & Lisa Santiago, South County

4th Stop: Brian & Chris Mollenhoff, Ballwin, MO

5th (and last) Stop: Sue & John Wehrman, Manchester, MO