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Members of SLWGS are often found at The Jewel Box in Forest Park. The beautiful, Water Lily Ponds are a well-known attraction to visitors and residents of St. Louis alike. The St. Louis Water Garden Society plans, plants, and maintains these ponds as our gift to the city and its citizens.

Our work in the Lily Ponds is a hands-on project. Our members love to get knee-deep in their work. Literally! Plus, volunteers can apply what they learn to their own water gardens.

In the Spring, volunteers execute the Lily Pond design for that season. For example, planting may include tropical, hardy water lilies, lotus, umbrella palms, papyrus, water cannas or any number of aquatic plants. Then throughout the Summer, members meet every Saturday to trim, fertilize and “dead-head” these plants as the grow. What a wonderful excuse to soak up the beauty that is Forest Park and The Jewel Box every week!

As any gardener knows, Fall brings a fresh list of duties to maintain a healthy garden. SLWGS members remove any plants that can be saved for the next year, in preparation for winterizing the Lily Ponds.

Pond-O-Rama, the annual pond and garden tour of the SLWGS, provides funds for this civic project. The tour is held in June and features an impressive range of private and commercial ponds and water gardens throughout the St. Louis metro area. If you’d like to support this event, we offer sponsorship packages to suit any business.

JUNE 2022 Jewel Box Work Day

On June 4th, 2022, a big crew of volunteers turned out to plant lilies and
to transplant the tropicals from the green house to the ponds.
Thanks to members (Dalen Johnson, Frank Blair, Leonard Durant, Jim Bear,
Greg Heck, Bob Henson, Howard Schroeder, Steve Harris, Kay
Miskell, Gail Abernathy) and guests who helped!

June 2022 Planting of the Lily Ponds
The Jewel Box Lily Pond Planting 2022
The Jewel Box Lily Pond Planting 2022
The Jewel Box Lily Pond Planting 2022
The Jewel Box Lily Pond Planting 2022


SLWGS At The Jewel Box
Water Garden Society volunteers planting the Lily Ponds.