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Our Tiki Tour this year provided a new view of four different, lovely water features. The weather was perfect–cool but not cold. Candles were everywhere. Thanks, Pam for another great event! We’re so grateful to all our hosts for welcoming and sharing their special ponds with us! And thanks to all the members who participated. It was lovely! Please note: These night time photos cannot capture the true glory of these ponds! You need to see them in person!

Laurie and John Saul were first – a gorgeous setting for parties and gatherings, with lots of room to socialize.

Laurie John Saul

pond with colored lights

Saul’s beautiful hideaway

An unexpected water feature

and Hers

and their top waterfall

Candles by the pool

Lots of candles

Enjoying the Ruebel’s

Even the snails were lit

Everyone enjoyed themselves


Linda looked delighted

Lots of great snacks

Muellers top pond

One of several ponds

Terrry, Don, Dave, Alice and Geri (Donna’s back)

Ray and Ginny Mueller

Sandy and Doris silhouetted against the Compton’s pond

Lovely flowers and leaves

Suzanne, Miles and Pat relaxing at the Saul’s

The kitchen area

The three bubblers with candlelight

The unusual fir tree on their island

Their fish liked the light

Their lovely firepit with flash

They had fun chairs His

They had huge elephant ears

The Ruebel’s

which looks very different without the flash

Kelly Barclay Compton

Pam, Kathy and Art at the Mueller’s