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Saint Louis Water Garden Society


this month’s issue

The Water Word is the St. Louis Water Garden Society’s monthly newsletter. Inside you’ll find some of the same information as our website: events, contact details, and news. In addition, the Water Word includes How To articles and tips, Membership Bonuses, and a bit of fun. Members may opt to receive this newsletter by mail. But EVERYONE can sign up to have the newsletter sent by email by clicking the button at the top of the page. Spread the (Water) Word!

A Note from our president

Summer’s End

Summer is winding down and the garden is showing the strain of the long hot days. Thankfully, watering needs decreased with the recent rains. The bog I installed last summer continues to keep the koi pond crystal clear. In fact, the plants in the bog have had to be thinned out multiple times. The benefit of a bog is clear water and rapid growth of the contained plants with all the nutrients the bog filters out. Gardens and ponds are wonderful
responsibilities to maintain but I must confess, I’m tired and ready for the cool days of fall.

A heartfelt thanks to the members who donated items toward the July auction. Josh, our auctioneer, did a great job as usual and kept the auction moving with spirited bidding. The Gardeners of Florissant donated many boxes filled with plants. Dave Jones, president of The Gardeners of Florissant, represented the group at the Auction. A special thanks to Sue and Gail Abernathy who oversaw the entire event and to all who worked various jobs for a successful event.

Upcoming Events

The SLWGS reception at the Jewel Box is Tuesday, August 16th. The event will begin with the water lily viewing from 6 -7 pm. The reception that follows will include hors d’oeuvres and desserts catered by Orlando’s.

Working on the ponds each Saturday, the volunteers see the water lilies throughout their summer growth. The colorful display in each pond will not disappoint! Instead of a speaker, we’ll be treated to a montage of Greg Heck’s unique photography dedicated to the Lily ponds at the Jewel Box. Greg has a keen eye for detail and has prepared a series of the flora and fauna of the Jewel Box pools. In addition, Gail Abernathy prepared a photo review of this year’s Pond -O- Rama.

Please note – the September membership meeting will be at the Kirkwood Community Center with guest speaker Derek
Lyle from the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

Board Elections

Please consider running for board positions Vice President or Treasurer; contact Tom Meier at with nominations. Nominations cannot be accepted
at the meeting per SLWGS by-laws. Voting for these board seats and the 2023 budget will take place at the November Meeting.


The SLWGS welcomes contributions to our newsletter!

If you or your business have content for our newsletter, please email the Water Word Editor, Gail Abernathy. For example, you can submit educational articles, pro-tips, fun projects or upcoming events to share with our members. Promotions and discounts for our readership are always appreciated. Photos should be 300 dpi+ and jpeg format.

The submission deadline is the first of each month.


The St. Louis Water Garden Society (SLWGS) was established in 1990 for local water gardeners and fish enthusiasts to share information about their beloved hobby. As a result, we attract members at all stages of water gardening expertise. Why not become a member and enjoy the community, events, and experience with us?


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